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Аrt Debut.dance

This is a unique creative Agency that brings together the author's theatrical workshop and finely-specialized store of professional dance clothing and shoes. Every product designed here is an example of impeccable professionalism and creativity of true theatre artists. Expanding the boundaries of its capabilities, the Agency was transformed into a real laboratory in the center of Moscow and now has its own chamber dance Studio. This is an alternative space which provides ballet lessons for all ages and levels, from teachers and artists of Moscow's leading theaters. Master classes in modern dance, yoga and performances of various subjects. http://www.artdebut.dance/

WORKSHOP – Art Debut.dance

Today Art Debut.the only dance theatre workshop, which is able to implement large-scale theatrical projects, with permission from the authors for the reproduction and restoration of historical masterpieces. Our craftsmen have carefully and thoughtfully develop, sewed and "dress" the play up to the smallest detail, a deep respect for tradition and keeping the style of the author. All theatrical costumes are performed in the original technique, creating a complete image of all the works conceived by the author.

All artists have their accumulated time the secrets of building patterns that demonstrate an individual approach in the creation of theatrical costumes for each artist. For dancers continuing to dance after the decree or over the age limit, to create a specific patterns with a large number of additional non-traditional landscapes. This gives you the ability to hide the age of deformation of the figure and to emphasize the exquisite sculptural ballet of the body. When creating ballet tutus for girls of all ages, using special patterns, which easily allow you to increase or decrease the ballet bodice, depending on the child's growth and dance in it.

As you know, the "real theater" you can learn only in the theater, so every technician in our shop is very valuable with his talent. We have experts that are one of a kind, unable to perform complex technological operations even on rare vintage machines. None of even the most expensive modern embroidery machine will not replace the technique of "tambura". A few years ago, thanks to healthy makeovers of chief project Manager Art Debut.dance in our workshop had a vintage chain stitch machine which quickly and gracefully performs all virtuoso advantageously lace. http://www.artdebut.dance/

Our craftsmen work in a free creative dialogue with clients and are always ready to fulfil any fantasy of the customer. Compassion and patience, personal approach, understanding the characteristics of the order, the joint search for the best option.

All orders are processed very carefully and efficiently. We are ready to accept your wishes as in a personal interview, and remotely. It offers all the possible ways of contact: phone, mail, Internet, Skype, social networks. If your order exists only at the level of ideas, and you have no idea how to get it and realize our specialists take care of every customer, you will find the options and ways to turn your dreams into reality.

And, most importantly, even if your order is "budget", our workshop is able to perform it so that despite the use of cheap fabrics and simple technology, your product will still look nice and decent.

МАГАЗИН – Art Debut.dance

Our miracle shop was created specifically for professional dancers and Amateurs, and students of ballet schools to give you a selection of really good quality clothes and shoes from the best manufacturers of ballet-sports industry. The most interesting new products and ideas we quickly bring international exhibitions from all over the world.

In the store you can always order more than 20 kinds of ballet tutus of all sizes and models. Packs created by different methods, with different composition and filling, granulation layers and mixing colors. The shelving store is fully stocked an incredible variety of ballet tutus and paupack, from the lightweight children to professional adults, made in our workshop.

In the cosy space of our unique store, you will slowly be able to see the entire collection of superior dance clothing and footwear, choose a product "like". Here you will find luxurious series, elegant swimwear, flying chiffon skirt, solid tights, abundance of warm rehearsal clothes. All the shoes are neatly arranged on special shelves, models, sizes and manufacturers.

We work in constant search of new producers and bring exhibitions of samples of the latest clothing and footwear from companies recognized in the ballet world, offering dancers a choice from budget to luxury models.

All consultants, administrators and shop assistants speak to the specifics of dance skill and know exactly what they sell. They are professionals who were the artists of the Bolshoi theater and theater.To.With. Stanislavsky and VL.And. Nemirovich-Danchenko, or graduated from the Academy of choreography. Each client, from small beginner dancers to professionals, they will help you quickly and correctly choose dance clothing and shoes. http://www.artdebut.dance/

LOCATION – Art Debut.dance

Visiting our store is not just a purchase, it's also a nice walk in Old Moscow, historical Pyatnitskaya street, through the small and big Meadow, big and small Ordynka, from metro Paveletskaya Bakhrushina through the Museum. All of the Central historic streets easily takes you from the metro stations Novokuznetskaya and Tretyakovskaya, Dobryninskaya, Paveletskaya, Polyanka and right in Art Debut.dance.

If you do not find in our store, you will surely find it in our workshop, which is wonderfully located just 200 metres from the shop. Here you will certainly feel in this Bohemian creative place every day are born unique "theater of history". Our qualified technicians will always give you competent advice and will gladly take your order to work. http://www.artdebut.dance/

The PROJECT's CREATOR – Art Debut.dance

Author and ideologist of the project of Art Debut.dance, a surprisingly deep creative person – Elena G. netsvetaeva-Dolgaleva, a former ballet dancer of the Bolshoi Theatre, now a highly-professional artist-technologist, under her leadership, in our workshop where masterpieces are born.

Seventeen years ago, Elena G. has established a vibrant creative platform and favorable conditions for realization of talents and an invaluable knowledge of their colleagues. It came highly qualified specialists and masters of the stage with years of experience, real theatre artists, competent cutters and experienced tailors. They are all "born and raised" in the theater and know exactly what the original theatrical costume.

Thanks to the joint immersion in the exciting creative process, a great team of like-minded people, where we read the sketches, draw, sew, dance, communicate, connect "be joined", and develop the newest technologies, inspire and understand each other with half words. Here is an amazing way United bright creative individuality. People who truly love theatre, seeking with a perfect score and get immense pleasure from my work on premiere. http://www.artdebut.dance/

For a theatre artist is very important to find your artist-a kindred spirit, which is our Elena Bonner. Trusting her implementation of their projects, the artists, Directors, choreographers and the Directors of the theatres are sure that the "costume" part of the project will always be performed at a high level.

... for us, the most important thing to realize the intent of the artist, talented and worthy to pass on his inspiration. And the most gratifying word after the premiere when we say: "Master, you sing my song!"

Today, Elena G. netsvetaeva-Dolgaleva and her wonderful creative team constantly cooperates with well-known choreographers, legends of the world stage and are very respectful of the opportunity to be there to learn, to share experiences, to breathe one's ideas and together create a Miracle. http://www.artdebut.dance/